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Student positions on mobiles in education

25 February 2008 6 Comments

This one is for the students… as all this research I am about to do is for them!!! Would LOVE to hear from some students about whether or not they would like to use mobile phones more often in their classes.

This is MY idea…

I think that today students have SO MUCH information available to them on the internet (wikipedia is one example) that we need to teach students how to use the information in a way that is useful to them. For example how do you know if what you find on wikipedia is true? And, once you have found information on wikipedia what do you do with it?

Unfortunately, in many of our schools it is too expensive to get computers into all classrooms (particularly in high schools). Sometimes when we use the computers the thing that is most interesting is using the computer - not the information we are finding out.

So many students have mobile phones already. Most can access the internet. I would like to find out ways that teachers can use mobile phones in their classes - not for txting their students, but for using the internet to access information. My research is mostly aimed at high school students. However, it would be great to get a range of opinions - from around the world.

I would LOVE to have a student voice to add to my research. If you would like to participate, please feel free to leave a comment.

You might like to think about these questions:

Do you have a mobile phone. If so, do you take it to school?

What school activities do you think you could use your mobile phone for? Think about camera, music player, voice recorder, internet access, calculator, calendar, txt.

What problems do you think students might have with using mobile phones in their lessons?Please do not use your real name - use a nickname or even just a number.

And finally,

It would be really useful for me to know where in the world you are and what class or grade you are in. BUT please do not use your real name - use a nickname or even just a number.

Can’t wait to hear from real students!


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  • Room 24 said:

    Dear Miss Twiss
    We are Mrs McGhie’s class (Keamac’s class) and we are Year 5s from Auckland. We spent some time this afternoon talking about your questions and here are some of the ideas we came up with:

    6/27 of us (not counting our teacher) have our own cell phone.
    None of us bring our cell phones to school.

    We had a question –
    Could you ask Vodofone or Telecom if they will make a special network for children? Maybe one that doesn’t cost so much?

    Possible Uses –
    Taking pictures of spelling words and then checking them in the dictionary. Listening to stuff on the radio in class time. Remembering dates on calendars. Taking pictures. PE Timer with the stopwatch. Maths games. Google. Spelling games. Voice Recording. Phones only provided to Years 4,5, & 6. Calculators. To do lists to keep projects organised. Get onto the internet. Practise how to type a message in case of an emergency. It could e something to do if you had no one to play with at lunch. We could type instead of write. We could use the calendar to see the date. Have a ring tone to get our attention in class. We could play educational games. We could use it to tell time if there was no clock. We could use it with our classroom clocks to compare digital and analogue times. You could use your phone for spelling, maths, internet, music, voice recorder, video, pictures, calculator and calendar. You could down load videos onto your phone to watch – educational ones!! Record interviews with people. Can text to the teacher to ask a question if you don’t want to ask in front of the whole class.

    Thoughts –
    “I would make a deal with Vodofone so we can get it free”
    “I would want the school to supply them”
    “I think the school should provide the phones but we don’t take them home BUT then the school would have to pay a massive bill. “
    “ I think the school should provide the phones and we could hand them in at the end of the day.”
    “Who would pay the monthly bill? You or the school?

    Possible Problems –
    People could use them for Text Bullying. You will have to pay the bills. Kids will listen to music and not listen to the teacher. We might muck about on them. We might text and play. Some people might have them and some might not. People might steal them. We could record someone without them knowing. We could cheat. We could text our Mums. What if your phone rings during lessons? If you use it in a Maths test you might cheat with the calculator. It might not work for people if you have no cell phone. It wouldn’t work out because the school might have to pay for it and not the parents. Your credit may run out and the school would get broke paying for it or it could run out in the middle of class time. If you got a text message it might bleep out loud and it will disturb the class.

    Mrs McGhie said that if you have any questions or want us to clarify anything please let us know

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  • Hewitt said:

    Feedback from Year 9 Social Studies class, Hamilton, NZ.

    Currently use mobile phones for…

    - Texting
    - calling
    - Emergancies
    - Taking photos
    - telling the time
    - Calculator

    School activities
    - telling the time
    - Calculator (saves carrying one around)
    - If it had the internet…
    - Searching google
    - Organising lunchtime activities
    - if you left something at home get your mum to bring it in
    - If you late, let the school know.
    - Looking at current issues, e.g. newspapers, on xtra
    - location of countries and time in those countries around the world

    - Checking spelling of words in online dictionary
    - Text in feedback for own values opinion on issues
    - Use it to remind people about homework
    - Save assignments on to calendar and reminders for set homework
    - Keep up to date with sports practices and make it easier to contact people if it was cancelled

    Problems with using a cell phone at school
    - Text bullying
    - Interuption of learning
    - Distracted in class
    - Cheating in tests

    Hope this helps

    S. Hewitt

  • ailsa said:

    best wishes with your research. My experience of a youthline training group when there was a powercut was phones are also useful as torches!
    I am researching the use of txt as a medium for counsellimg but you are welcome to visit my blog for the delicious cloud links on mobiles, might be stuff you havent seen before.

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