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[27 Jun 2009 | No Comment | ]
When Famous People Die

A number of students will be wanting to talk about and focus on Michael Jackson’s death - and obviously the immediacy of his death means that linking this into current teaching programmes is going to be difficult, but the availability of information online means that the type of resources we have access to immediately after this piece of news broke is so much more broad than the traditional medium of newspapers and television. Why not make use of some of the more interesting content that comes through and work it into online programmes? (read more…)

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[26 Jun 2008 | One Comment | ]

In my eternal hunt for tools to use in the classroom I have come across these - one new for me and one that is all of a sudden realistic for my research.

The first one, recommended to me by Mark Craven at Southwell School, is Qipit . What an incredible little tool!

So many teachers want a Smartboard so they can ‘print their notes’ (most still want the kids to copy them down by hand also but that is a WHOLE rant on its own so I won’t go there). …

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[12 Nov 2007 | No Comment | ]
Nokia Phones

Found this neat timeline of all the Nokia phones ever made… Not sure why I am posting it… But it seems like if anywhere, this is where you should be able to find a chart like this!